Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas day we woke up at home! Tyson and I had been up late the night before with little girls that would not go to sleep, I think they were so excited for Santa to come! After we finally got the settled down Tyson and I were up even later wrapping everything and getting things ready. We had been so sick before Christmas and we didn't have a lot of time to get everything ready, so it was a late night!
Yeah its Christmas!   

The kids spent a lot of time on the stockings (or maybe the candy inside!) 
Tyson has wanted to get the boys legos for a long time. They were a big part of his childhood! Tyson got be boots and I love them. I got a lot of snow gear and I needed it with all this snow in Heber!
Helping Alayna and Olivia open presents! Its funny to have little girl toys!

After we opened gifts at our house we headed down to Dad and Laurie's house. They had made a wonderful breakfast and had made all their Christmas goodies! Dad loves to make treats and Laurie loves to cook and it is all so good, I always end up eating to much! We all had fun opening presents taking pictures and hanging out. It was nice to be able to just sit around a little bit. We usually have to go to more houses and only get to stop in for a little bit at each place. This year was a lot more relaxed.

The whole gang at Dad and Laurie's! Maybe Bob and Nate shouldn't sit next to each other. Bob took one of the girls headbands and was Nathans baby!
Ashley and Isabelle holing Olivia and Alayna cheesing the camera!
So much fun stuff from Grandma and Grandpa!
Brady is a good looking Santa!

That night we headed out to Grandma and Grandpa Hatch's house for a wonderful dinner. We got to see Kirsten and her kids and Tasha and her family. It was nice to hang out with all of them!
Look at all those kids!
Playing with Grandma and Grandpa Hatch. Olivia showing off her funny faces!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas at Moms!

This year we decided to try and break apart the kayos of Christmas and have our get together at moms on the 23rd. It was so wonderful to be able to sit and relax without feeling like we needed to run off to the next house! The kids had so much fun and we got spoiled again by Grandma and Grandpa Munson! We also got to open gifts that Grandma and Grandpa Lindshield and Grandma and Grandpa Smoot sent up! We had an amazing dinner, everything was perfect, and we sat around and had a fun night!
Grandma and Grandpa with the girls. Me and my Man!  Grandma knows what treats to get the boys!
We had fun making gifts again this year, it is so stressful, but It is fun for Tyson and I to sit and dream up what we are going to make!
So many fun presents from Grandma!
New dolls from Grandma Lindshield! I was spoiled this year in the snow gear, it is so nice to warm when I go out with the kids!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Munford Family 2010!

To Our Loved Ones,

It has been a crazy year year in the Munford house this year! We welcomed Olivia and Alayna March 24 and I cant believe how fast time has flown! The girls just started crawling the past few weeks and have discovered  that they can get around and put everything in their mouths. This makes a lot more work for Mommy! Both are already pulling themselves up to things and think its funny when I tell them to stop growing so fast!

Olivia is my quiet little mischievous one. She is still only 14.5 lbs. Her little fingers are always going, finding more things to feel. She loves texture and has to have a soft blanket in her hand, rubbing her nose, as she sucks her thumb to go to sleep. She is shy and will just stare at a stranger that tries to get her to smile! Olivia's first word was Mama, she has also started saying Dada.

Alayna is my singer, she loves music and the sound of her voice! She is always making noise and talking to anyone that will listen. She loves food and at 18.5lbs you would think she would have the upper hand when it comes to her sister, but she is a little softhearted girl and will just sit their while her sister uses her as a mountain to crawl over! Alayna is working on her first tooth and she loves to say Dada (her first word), Mama, baba and AAAAAAA!

Ethan has grown up a lot this year, he is almost the same size as Isaac! He loves his bike, playing at the park, playing the Wii, watching his favorite shows and playing games on the computer. He loves to draw, and make projects with Isaac. He also loves to go out to the garage with Daddy and help him build things. He doesn't have a lot to say most of the time, but in those quiet moments when he has your attention he has a whole lot to say!

Isaac has really grown up this year. I look at him and wonder when he became such a little man! He is always learning new things and reminds me a lot of Tyson with all his big plans and ideas. He doesn't have time to stop, he has to create something new! Isaac also loves his bike, I think Santa might bring him a new one this year because his tires are bald and his wheels have fallen apart on his old bike. He loves the park and all the new people he can tell stories to there! He loves school and is doing really well in his class. He is doing harder homework to challenge him a bit more!

I haven't been doing a whole lot this year, just taking care of 4 little kids and trying to discover the secret of taking care of kids, teaching them, playing with them, keeping the house clean and meals ready. I think I have a lot more to learn, but everyday I keep at it and some days are better than others! I have enjoyed all the friends I have made here and miss all the ones in Pleasant Grove. I do enjoy being closer to Tyson's work and being able to see him a lot more!

Tyson has had a big year. He started working for Rooftop Anchor part-time at the end of last year. Rooftop decided they needed him more than part-time around March. After a lot of prayer we decided it was time for him to quit Log Craft and just work for Rooftop and Park Engineering. It was a big decision to do that after working for Log Craft for 9 years, I know he misses all his buddies but we hope it was the best decision for everyone. Tyson has been traveling a lot more for work the past few months. He was able to go to England, Colorado, Arizona and Maryland. On his way back from Arizona he set off the alarms after he had his hands swabbed. He had the works done to him with TSA before they asked him what he had been doing that day. I guess you shouldn't go to a Copper smelter then try boarding a plane! Tyson is a wonderful Daddy. He has loved hunting with the boys and they are always following him around helping him with all his projects! He loves having girls and I love it when he talks to them like they are his little angels! 

We are so grateful for all the blessings we have had this year. We are especially grateful to all the service that has been given to our family. I hope one day I will be able to help others as much as we have been helped this year. I don't think we could have done it with out all of our loved ones! I need to especially thank my friend Jeanette who lived with us and took care of the boys when I needed it the most! My Mom who is always there! My neighbors Molly, Amy and Jen that also took care of the boys a lot! My friends Lindsay who has twins and Marti that came all the way to my house and to the hospital or talked to me on the phone when I needed a good talk. Tiana that has helped so much in the past few months with the girls and all the other loved ones who surround us with love. I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father and the prayers he has answered and the ones he has thought needed to wait a little longer to answer. He knows us so well and I am grateful for this time of year when we can celebrate his birth. We wish all of our loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


The Munford Family

Year in Review-December

Ethan turned 4 this year! He is my little shy boy! He really isn't little, he looks like a 5 year old! I take him to Isaac's class and Isaac's teacher is always commenting that he looks like he could be in her class! Ethan also has had to deal with a lot of change this year, for such a little man he has handled it well, he can get aggressive at times when he is just done but I think being at home with some mommy time has been helping him the past few months. Ethan loves the computer and anything electrical! I have to hide remotes, controllers and lock the computer or he is playing games all day! We have started the reading book the past few months and he has enjoyed discovering how to read!Ethan loves his baby sisters, he wants to help with them all the time! Ethan also loves to help me cook and clean the house! Ethan also loves to draw, Tyson helps him sit still in church by drawing with him. I always have papers, crayons and pens all over my house with all the art work Isaac and Ethan create! 

Year in Review-November

In November we celebrated Bransons Birthday! I don't think a lot of people know that Branson lives with us, he has been her I think the whole time we have been here! He works with Tyson and goes to the UVU campus up here, on the weekends he heads down to Payson to see friends until Sunday night. Branson has been a big help to us this past year. He was someone for Tyson to talk to while I was in the hospital, he has helped finish things around the house, right after I had the babies he would come home and find me to see if I needed any help. To this day he still helps with the kids and they love him! Olivia especially loves Branson, she will see him across the room and try to do anything to get his attention, they usual have a staring contest until she smiles!
Ethan and Isaac are such good big brothers!
My big boy turned 6 and I can't believe how fast the past 6 years have gone! I seems like yesterday I was holding that handsome big baby boy for the first time! I think Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways and I am grateful for Isaac. As I have had each one of my kids it seems like one prepares me for the next and I learn more and more. Isaac has helped me learn a lot and experience a lot, but I'm sad to say he has had to endure a lot of bumps in the road of my learning curve. Isaac wasn't the easiest baby, but I am grateful now for that because I think he helped prepare my for the children that fallowed. He has always needed a lot of attention and a lot of questions answered! He learned to talk early and was always asking "Why", he had to always be into something or into what I was doing.

It has been a long year for Isaac and I am proud of how well he has handled all the change he has had to deal with. He is such a wonderful big brother, he loves to help with the girls. I have to remind him all the time that he shouldn't pick up the girls, he thinks he can take them anywhere! Isaac and Ethan are best friends, it might not always sound like it, but they love doing things with each other and are always dreaming big!

I went to Isaac's first parent teacher conference a few weeks ago, he is doing very well. Isaac is taking home harder homework now because he is on a first grade level. He is reading and loves to do math. I love to teach him because he can learn quickly and conquer any task I put in front of him. We have a lot of fun together learning and I look forward to continue our learning experience in the years to come!

Year in Review-October

 This year Branson drew out for the Book Cliffs. It was a big deal because this was his first year putting in and it usually takes years to get a tag. Well this was a monumental occasion so Tyson and his boss Spencer had to go too. They had a lot of fun and Branson got a 320.  I was done by the end of the week, my friend Molly came and got the kids and took them to the park for me. I was done, exhausted, fried......I was soooo grateful to her!
 Isaac's school is so wonderful. It is up at the lodge that housed the Olympic Cross Country Ski events stuff for the Olympics. I am always amazed by the things they do up their. In September or October they did the Sheep Dog Trials. We went and it was amazing to watch the dogs work!
We went to Grandma Vickie's for Conference. I love this time of year, it is always so wonderful to her such inspired men lift our spirits. I was amazed at several of the talks this year!

Year in Review-September

In September Olivia really started sucking her thumb. At first I was worried because I was a thumb sucker and had to have a lot of orthodontic work, but at the moment it has been a big help. I might not be singing the same tune in a year! 
 Isaac's class went on a filed trip to the Zoo. Ethan, the girls and I were able to go as well! It was a lot of fun and I am so grateful to the wonderful people around me that are always willing to help me with the girls!
 Alayna and Olivia have really gotten down the eating thing! For Alayna it is a joy to eat and nurse, she loves every moment! For Olivia she teats it as something that has to be done most of the time! You can really tell in their weight, Olivia is 14.5 lbs and Alayna is 18.5!

Year in Review-August

The boys decided to do their own photo shoot!
In August we went to Grandpa Eds cabin in Flaming Gorge. It is always a lot of fun to go there and sit by the lake. Grandpa had brought a water glider thing that you have to pump your arms and legs to get it to sail across the water. It was quite amusing to see Tyson, Kierstan and Branson trying to do it. I wouldn't say they have perfected the water glider! 

Tyson and Branson decided they needed tans. I guess the fastest was to get a tan is to rub red mud all over your body!
We love sitting out on our deck on beautiful summer nights. The boys love to hop our back fence and go to the park.
Isaac started school this past August. He loves Ms Brooks class!

Year in Review-July

 In July we went with our little neighborhood play group to the Air Port Right down the road. They have a little Air Museum the boys really liked!
 Caitlyn at her bridle shower, she looks so good in all the bows!
 In the summertime we have a lot of our family dinners at the Lehi Park. Its a nice place to get out and enjoy the summer air!

 In July we went to the Hatch family reunion. It was nice to get out camping again. Horse shoes is one of the favorite things to do. The boys also had a lot of fun riding bikes into the lake! It was an adventure sleeping with two little babies in a tent, it surprisingly wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, just a little cold!
 We also stopped by the Munford Family Reunion this year. I haven't had the privilege of meeting a lot of Munfords. It is funny to see a lot of people the act like Tyson, those Munfords are always going! Grandma Evelyn came and stayed with us for Caitlyns wedding. We took her up to the Kamas pool, I was very impressed when she went down the big slide with Ethan!
 Caitlyn took out her endowments at the Draper Temple. It was such a beautiful experience, I cant believe my baby sister is old enough to go through the Temple!
Caitlyns wedding day was beautiful (and hot!). We had a lot of fun all night long! I think the highlight was watching her wedding ceremony. It is so nice to here the wonderful promises in the Temple.

Year in Review-June

 We blessed the girls in June. I was so happy everyone was able to come to this wonderful event! Tyson gave them wonderful blessings. Grandma Laura made Olivia's dress and Grandma Vickie made Alayna's dress.

 June was also my birthday. On the 24th I turned 28! I cant believe how the last ten years have flown. I feel like I just turned 18!

Year in Review-May

 We started getting out in May! It was so nice to be able to go see family after being down for so long! I think this is the first time I had been to my Dads house in 6 months!

 Doug and Tasha came to see the babies for the first time! Ethan loves to feed the girls!
 Tyson started working part time for Roof Top Anchor in December. In May they wanted him to come on full time. After a lot of prayer he decided to quit Log Craft and work at Roof Top and Park Engineering. In May he had to go to England for some training on the Roof Top product. He came into England just in time to watch the Queen open Parliament. He had fun staying at his cousin Jared's house! 

 Who looks like who?!