Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 4th in California

On July 4th we went to San Pasqual Park to have breakfast with my grandparents ward. This also happens to be the ward I was born in, but I don’t remember anyone. Isaac had fun with the kid games and the breakfast was wonderful!
After breakfast we headed down to the beach to set up camp for the fireworks. Isaac loved to bury people in the sand. In one picture Ethan is picking up sand and in the next Isaac has sand in his face.
It was Tyson’s turn to be buried and of course Nathan and Caitlyn had to turn him into a mermaid.
I walked out on the jetty to take pictures of Tyson surfing. It amazes me how well he surfs with only doing it a few days out of the past two years.
I love my man caring a surf board!
I was standing on the jetty out in the ocean as the sun was going down and the sailboats were coming out, it was breathtaking. I was taking pictures when a lady asked me if I wanted her to take a picture of me holding the sun!
Caitlyn and Jeanette offered to take the kids as I was taking pictures of Tyson. It was so cute to watch them having fun running along the shore.
The kids and Caitlyn playing in the water as the sun went down. I think Heavenly Father wanted to have his own lightshow.
As I was taking pictures of Tyson and Nathan boogie boarding, the fog rolled in again.

The lifeguards told us that we probably wouldn’t see any fireworks, so we went back to the hotel close to the beach, hoping we would see them there.
We got back and started tying up surfboards, when a teenager, that was throwing a fit in the parking lot, decided to hit the side of Jims brand new truck with her fist. After a little confrontation, I started questioning my desires to have a girl!
The fireworks started going off and Jeanette, Allen and I were the only ones outside. We decided to jump in the truck and drive down into Oceanside to see them, but got diverted out of Oceanside by the police a block away from the hotel, they said we couldn’t get back in for two hours. After trying for an hour and having fun seeing Camp Pendleton, we arrived at the hotel.
Jeanette decided to head home (I think we gave her enough excitement for one day!) and we were so happy she spent the week with us! Driving Home!
I would like to thank all those that helped with the kids on this trip, I wasn’t feeling great the whole time and I was so grateful for all the helping hands. Tyson is so wonderful in helping me all the time, Jeanette, Allen, Heather, Caitlyn and Nathan were always watching after Isaac and Ethan, my Mom was the go to nurse, and Jim was Isaacs entertainment. I felt like I was on vacation! Thank you Everyone!

Friday, July 25, 2008

California Day 3

On day three, we went deep sea fishing, I could not sleep the night before in anticipation. We woke up and had to be there by 6:00 for the half day trip. We were late, but it was okay because there was such a long line and they were behind. I think they said there were 70 people on our boat. We didn’t have any Dramamine but luckily the dock had some. I gave Tyson one of my doses thinking I would be okay on one dose, but I ended up getting nauseous at the end of the trip. I won’t do that again!

The not so fun part is going out to sea, it can take a long time. This is Mom, Jim, Caitlyn (nice face!) and Heather (showing a good way to get sea sick!) sitting in the gally as we go out to sea.
I love deep sea fishing! I have gone a few times and I have been pretty lucky so far. This time I caught nine fish and had to throw back three. I don’t think the rest of my family was amused, I think the most anyone else caught was three. I told Tyson he should take me to Alaska with him for good luck, but he didn’t think that was funny! We used live anchovies for bait, I would put them on my line and sink them to the bottom of the sea and let them swim around; that is my secret!
This is us on the log ride back to the dock. Don’t we look nice?! I didn’t feel so good. I am disappointed we didn’t get pictures with the fish, I will have to steal some from mom.
I took a picture of the San Diego Temple on the way back. We wanted to go but it was closed for cleaning at the time.
I also need to thank Jeanette again for staying the night and watching my kids so we could go fishing. She is the best, and my kids had so much fun! Thank you Jeanette!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

California Day 2

We had a BBQ on the beach with family and friends. It was cloudy and cold, but we still had fun! I am so glad Uncle Donnie and Aunt Laurie and her kids Leora and Jonathan could be there. We don’t get to see them that often.

The first picture is of the sail boats, I don’t think I have ever see so many sail boats on the ocean. Aunt Laurie and her kids, Nathan and Ethan making faces, and Caitlyn.
Kisses for Grandma and Grandpa Lindshield. We Love you!!!
Fun times! I have no idea what Caitlyn was doing but everyone has a the same picture. Nice face Heather!
I love my Aunt Laurie. I don’t remember it, but when I was a baby she lived with us and called me her “Baby Doll” and to this day she still calls me “Baby Doll” Mom says that Laurie is the reason I love to be “tickled soft”, because she would hold me all the time and tickle my arm.

Jeanette and I were laughing so hard trying to take a good picture! We had some fun times!
When taking pictures of a group, I take a few so I can get a good one of the kids. I think this time it was so I could get a good one of Grandma and Grandpa, I love some of their faces!
Ethan was making the same face Heather is making, I didn’t get there in time to catch a picture, but I did get the big hug Uncle Donnie gave them!
Have I mentioned I love this man! It is so much fun to kiss on the beach!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More California Day 1

Mom and Sheri Crall (a family friend) enjoying the beautiful weather!
My friend Jeanette was so wonderful to come see me! She ended up staying the whole week, helping me with my kids, and teaching everyone how to surf. Thank you Jeanette!
Look at those cool surfers! Who is that hot tall one!
A cute family picture…but I think we are missing one....
There he is…Caitlyn and Nathan are a lot more fun than Mom and Dad!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

California Day 1

This is Tyson’s “I don’t see why we have to eat, can we go to the beach YET” look. I think he had it every morning!
Me and the kids enjoying breakfast!
I am so happy my friend Jeanette just moved back to Sothern California! She was so kind to let us use her surf boards!
This is the photo shoot that happens every year….. pose with the surf boards. No, I did not try surfing!
The whole gang out for dinner! The highlight was when my mom took a bite of the tip of Allen’s jalapeño. Allen didn’t want to be shown up because he went to the Dominican Republic on his mission, so he ate the whole thing! He finished off everyone’s food trying to get the heat to go away. The best part was when he was paying for his food, the Hispanic girl was looking at him funny because he was wheezing. He explained he ate a jalapeno and wanted to know how to get rid of the heat. She told him to eat some sugar than said “you ate a jalapeno?” he said “Ya, haven’t you eaten one?” she said rolling her eyes and speaking in a thick accent” Ya, but I’m used to it!”
Hay Allen, I guess those California jalapenos are hotter than the Dominicans!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Going to California

We went to California last week and on our way down we stopped close to St Gorge to see my friend Jeremy, his wife Lacy and their new son Jac. Jeremy has been a friend of mine and my family for the past ten years and it was great that most of us were able to see him! He has a beautiful wife and baby and I am so happy for him!

Happy Birthday to Me!

It was my birthday on June 24th, I am now a 26 year old. It seems like yesterday I was celebrating my 16th birthday at BYU Summerfest music camp, and to think that was 10 years ago!!! I have to say it has been a very eventful 10 years!
I had a family party at my mom’s and my birthday cake consisted of cinnamon apples. That is something I will have to remember!