Wednesday, September 28, 2011

May 2011

 Having fun!
 Daddy went out of town this week. Jeanette brought over a box spring mattress for us to store for her, and Isaac thought he could help her bring it inside. I herd the wind pickup right as he went outside and herd him hit the pavement under the mattress. We joke that the mattress won the fight!
 Some days bedtime is my favorite time of day! This day was one of them!!

spending Sunday afternoon outside in the sun! I love our backyard! 
 I love the views on my drive to get Isaac from school, in the spring all the fields were covered in daises!
 Ethan learned to ride his bick in the spring, I think Isaac was the teacher! It seemed to happen overnight!
 We decided it was time to get a van. The Pathfinder was nice, but with four little kids, I needed a more mommy friendly car. We ended up getting a Chrysler Town and country and I am so happy with all the room and how easy it is to get the kids in and out!
Ethan loved helping Daddy get the car ready to sell and look the camera inside to take pictures of his toy truck!
 Kids getting so big!
 Isaac's kindergarten class graduation! We love his teacher Ms Brook!
 Going out to lunch at the Hub after graduation. He made his shirt at school!

We went to Thomas the Train in May with our friends Jill, Gage and Gentry. Ethan and Gage met in March and loved playing with each other. They had gone to Lagoon the next week after this and Ethan had the time of his life! I am so glad he was able to have so much fun with Gage and make so many memories. On Fathers Day, Jill's family was in a horrible car crash and little Gage lost his life. His Mommy and Daddy were in really bad condition and little Gentry was fine. It has been a hard past few months for Gage's family and we pray that they can find peace at this time. Ethan is sad his friend is gone and asks about him often, they played so well together and understood each other so well. We miss you Gage!