Friday, March 28, 2008

Katelynn and Tara

We were able to see everyone this Easter except Grandpa And Grandma Munford. Grandpa Ed did see Tyson at work the Wednesday before Easter. Katelenn and Tara are Tyson’s baby sisters and they were able to come see Tyson as well! This is an Easter picture Grandpa Ed sent of Katelnn and Tara, they are so cute!

Grandma and Grandpa Bergs

Easter Sunday we went to Grandma and Grandpa Bergs. Grandma Laurie made the boys Easter baskets with underwear toys and treats, they loved it! Dinner was wonderful even though I forgot the jello!
I'm so sad I didn't get a picture of Grandma and Grandpa.

Easter At Home

We had a nice Easter Sunday, our ward is so wonderful and It was nice to learn about Easter and remember our brother Jesus. Isaac brought home a cutout of Jesus at the tomb, I asked him what it was and he said “Mommy, Jesus died and came alive”. He has the best primary teachers and I’m so happy he loves going to church.

We gave the boys outfits and had one “family” Easter basket this year.
I’m so thankful for my family and this wonderful Easter season!

Grandpa Blaine

Grandpa Blaine was cleaning a car to take to auction. Ethan noticed and wanted to help so he started rubbing the license plate with his hands, I gave him a rag and he went to town. After he was done he started washing our car, his rag fell on the ground and he decided the ground needed to be washed too!

Easter at Grandma Vickies House

We went To Grandma and Grandpa Hatches House for Easter Saturday. We ate Lasagna and finished Clint’s wedding announcements. We brought Isaacs and Ethan’s bikes and they had a blast! We couldn’t get then to come inside. I am glad it was such a nice day!

Now that Isaac will stay put for a picture, Ethan has decided he won’t........How typical is that!
I love this picture of Ethan and my wonderful husband!
Isaac couldn’t get over the fact that there weren’t anymore Easter eggs to find. He wandered out in the field looking for more! The Easter egg thing awas a big hit!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Neighborhood Easter Hunt

Easter Saturday started with us running around looking for Easter baskets for the kids. We went to Macey’s and they didn’t have any so I told Tyson to go look in our storage while I shopped for cold meds.( I have been sick for the last month!) I was worried we were going to miss our Neighborhood Easter egg hunt so I speed walked home(bad knee, no running). I got there in five minutes and thought I was going to die! Luckily we didn’t miss it and the kids had a blast!

There were so many eggs! Ethan discovered what was in them and the egg hunting came to a halt, he decided it was best if he just sat and ate all his candy!

Sometimes it is so hard to get a good picture! Ethan was all about the candy and running around!
I remember growing up I hated costumes, I still have a hard time with them. It seems like Isaac might have the same phobia, he didn’t want to have anything to do with the Easter Bunny! Ethan on the other hand, wanted to pull the Easter Bunnies teeth out!
This is Isaacs friend London, she is in his preschool class and he loves to ride bikes with her!

Coloring Eggs At Grandmas!

We went to Grandmas on Friday to color eggs, I was surprised how much fun the kids had! Beau and Hank were all hands on (literally) they had their hands in the die and were having a blast. Isaac of course was using the spoons and taking his time. I thought it was so funny how much he was acting like Tyson!
Mommy trying to show Isaac how to sponge his egg. I think it was more like Isaac showing mommy how to sponge an egg!
Look at Isaacs face! This was such a big deal, I think I have another Tyson!
Thank you Grandma for the fun time!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ethan's Peep!

This is Ethan eating his first peep. I don't think he's into the sugar thing as much as Isaac!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I am

I am Marianne Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

You are Marianne Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility! You are impulsive, romantic, impatient, and perhaps a bit too brutally honest. You enjoy romantic poetry and novels, and play the pianoforte beautifully. To boot, your singing voice is captivating. You feel deeply, and love passionately!

I took this test twice and my results were Marianne Dashwood both times. I haven't seen this movie in a while so I don't remember her personality that well. I don't think I quite fit the description, but Tyson seems to think it's quite accurate!

I tag anyone that wants to do this!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Nik and Molly's!!

We went for a walk last week and Isaac had to stop at Nik and Mawee’s (Molly’s) house to show them his “Fire Bike".

Isaac knocked on the door then turned around and said “I’m going to be scary to Mawee”.
Uh oh, that’s not Molly! “Where’s Mawee Nik”.
There’s Molly!! “Mawee I go to the doctor today and I get shot. Do you want to see my owee?”
Isaac wasn’t paying attention so Nik stole his cool bike……he was a little too big but he managed to get it to go a few inches!
That caught Isaacs attention! I don’t think he knew what to say!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Girl's night out!

I was thinking it would be fun to have a girl’s night out, and watch Enchanted at the clubhouse. I haven’t seen it, but I plan on getting it for Easter. So if anyone in my neighborhood (that would include Marti and Karen) are interested let me know what nights are best!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Going to Heber!

We went to Heber to see Daddy’s new office……..but I forgot to take pictures. Then we went over to Tyson’s other office to see everyone and get some work done….maybe!
Daddy trying to get some work done!!
Nik giving Isaac candy………not that Brittany didn’t give him enough!!
(don’t they look like they’re in trouble?) Isaac upstairs telling everyone to get to work!
Log Craft runs four different companies. Sashco; a stain company. Kyune Designs; Tyson’s company. Rustic West; log home packages. They also do log railing and staircases, that is why they have a staircase in the main office.
All the slackers!!
Don't tell Allan!(The Boss)

The Doctors

We went to the doctor on Monday for the boy’s “well child check-ups.”
Ethan is 15 months and weighs 25lbs 2oz (50%-75%) length 32.9 inch (95%) head circumference 49.25cm (95%)
Isaac is 3 years, weighs 33lbs (50%) height 38in (25%-50%)
I think Ethan is going to be bigger than Isaac!!
We love Dr Johnson, he gives Isaac swords (tongue depressors) and balloon gloves!
Isaac didn't like his shot, but he got a cool cars bandade. I have to keep telling him to not to pull down his pants to show everyone!!


We gave Isaac this bike for his birthday back in November, this is the first time he has ridden it outside. I was impressed with his riding ability, but then I remembered that he has be practicing in my house the last 3 months!! Isaac is in love with his bike, if you ever come to our house he will show you what he calls his “Fire Bike.”

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tyson's Game

Last Saturday Tyson had his final stake game. It was really intense, and his team was ahead until the last five minutes. They still went to regional’s but were lost the first game. They played so well! Good year Guys!!
We discovered that some of the people on his team like sushi. To celebrate the great basketball season we went to Happy Sumo!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Doug and Tasha's House

We have been spending time at Doug and Tasha’s house lately. The kids love it, for some reason their toys seem so much better than ours. It might be that Doug takes time to play with them!
Isaac and Ethan have been so fascinated with Stetson. They both want to touch him all the time, because he is a new baby I tell them no. Isaac was sneaky and went into Tasha’s room and asked her if he could hold the baby, and she said yes. It was so cute! He loved every minute and did such a good job. It made me feel better about SOMEDAY (not anytime soon!) having another baby.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Walking With Amber!

We decided to go walking the other day before Daddy got home and guess who we ran into…
Amber Mann!! We like Amber, she is so good with the kids!
Every time Isaac went down the slide his hare went straight up, as soon as he got off the slide it would go down!! It was the funniest thing!!

It got so cold out, but the kids didn’t notice until we were on our way home. Good thing we ran into Daddy and Nik.
Isaac had fun knocking on the Thomas’ door and asking Molly “What’s for dinner.” He also told her about his whole day, and about all his owees.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lunch with Mom

I know; the shirt totally describes Heather! Don’t ever discuss politics with my sister!
All the girls have been trying to have lunch together once a week. It is so nice to see my mom and sisters more!

Walking With Marti!

It was such a nice week to walk! It finaly looks like spring might be coming!
We went to Marti’s to walk around her neighborhood. Isaac loves to do whatever Megan is doing!

Jeffrey’s Blessing

Tyson’s cousin Jill and her husband Clint came to town for their baby Jeffery’s blessing. It was so good to see everyone!
It was so good to have Denise and Devin there!
Later this week we met up at the Purple Turtle for lunch.
It is funny to think I have lived so close to the Purple Turtle for five years, and this is the first time I have ever been there!!

So Cute!!

Ethan's new word is "cheese". He loves the camera!
I have decided I love this age, he is so cute all the time!

It is so hard to believe Ethan isn't a baby anymore!
Mommy: " Isaac say cheese"
Isaac: "Mommy! I need to watch Mickey Mouse!”
Such a cute stinker boy!