Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Clint and Melanie’s Wedding- Little Brown Eye’s Dancing to Old Blue Eye’s

Ethan is such a sweet boy. He loves to dance to everything, and he is so quiet and patient. He is definitely my shy boy! It is so funny to see the different personalities developing between my two boy’s! As you can see from the other pictures, Isaac is my ladies man!

I wish I had better video of Ethan dancing. At least it was a good shot of the line!

(If you want to hear the video, put my music on the right side of my blog on pause!)

Clint and Melanie’s Wedding- Dancing!

I have more pictures of the wedding! Did I mention how much I love weddings! Tyson is Dancing with his mom. I am dancing with my brother-in-law Nathan in most of the pictures and Tyson’s step-dad Blaine in one. And of course my cute Ethan boy!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Clint and Melanie’s Wedding- Isaac and Becca

There were a lot of little kids at the wedding, and when the bride and groom had their first dance all of them danced except for Isaac and Becca. I tried to convince Isaac to go ask her to dance but he wanted nothing to do with her. After the song he started to play with her and they were together the rest of the night! Don’t they look like they are going to prom!!

Clint and Melanie’s Wedding- So Much Fun!

Every time I turned around I found Isaac and Ethan with another plate of food, or convincing people to give them candy!!
They got away with a lot that night, I think it might have been because they looked so cute!!

Grandma Finch and I had fun holding Stetson. I haven’t held him a lot because we have been so sick lately.
I love this man! I think I could dance with him forever…..
But every time we tried to dance a kid ran away!! (notice Ethan on the run in the background!)
I probably could have gotten a better picture of the bride and groom!

Clint and Melanie’s Wedding- Many Faces of Doug!

I was trying to get a good picture of Doug and Tasha, I would go to take the picture and Doug would make a funny face. Notice that Stetson gave up and fell asleep by the time I got a good picture!

Clint and Melanie’s Wedding- Handsome Men!

Clint, Tyson’s stepbrother, and Melanie got married last week and we took a ton of pictures. I had so much fun! I love going to weddings especially when there is dancing! I had to take a picture of my handsome men! There are some pictures with Jeremiah and Branson they are Tyson’s brothers.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Isaac loves Sushi!

Isaac was watching me make sushi after preschool, and informed me it was for him. I think there should be an age requirement on how old you have to be to steal sushi from your mom!!

Happy Birthday Owen!

Rachel’s youngest boy, Owen, turned one and had a birthday party last Saturday after the priesthood session. It is hard to believe he is so old! This is the first time my sister and I haven't had an infant or been pregnant in a long time!


Isaac has loved being in his mommy trade preschool this year, he loves his friends Cooper, Ellie and London! I wanted to thank the other mom’s Mel, Emily and Holly for making it so much fun! I took some pictures of the last time it was at my house. We learned about songs, I played them some primary songs on my violin. My first violin teacher made her students little violins out of cracker jacks to practice holding a violin before they got the real thing. I thought it would be fun to have the kids make violins and play along with me. They seemed to enjoy it, and had me play every song that came to their minds! I am so sad Cooper was sick that day, hopefully he will get to come next time!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thanks to American Idol.....That Song is Back.

I was at a wedding this weekend and I had to introduce myself to quite a few people. More than one asked if I had seen American Idol that week…I didn’t.
Well than, my sister tells me that Dolly Parton was on American Idol, and Brook White had sung the Jolene song……dang it. I’m not a big fan because of the strange people that would walk up to me, starting at the age of five, and start singing about me steeling men.
I went on You Tube and found the song, and I thought she did a good job....

Good thing the description of the Jolene in the song doesn’t fit me!!!

I wanted to find Dolly Parton singing “Jolene” and I found this video. I think it helped me gain respect for the song!!

If anyone tried to steal my man, I would beat the tar out of them too….even if my name is Jolene!!!!

P.S. I was not named after the "Jolene" song!!