Thursday, January 31, 2008

GO MITT!!!!!
Don't forget to vote February 5th!!
We need all 36 state delegates, winner takes all!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Family pictures at Christmas

All of the Munford/Hatch Family!!
Ethan, Tavia, Isaac, Riley
Ethan loved the tree!!
Such a cute boy!
We are so thankful for our family!!

Pictures of Ethan

We just found pictures on Grandma Vickie's camera!
I am in the hospital pregnant with Ethan, he wanted to come early so I was put on Mag Sulfate for five days.
I don't look so good because of the meds. I couln't move my body, or even focus my eyes.
It worked!! He came at 38 weeks 12/07/06. He was 8lbs 7oz.
Just had baby, I don't look so good!!
We love Daddy!!

Playing With Daddy!

Ethan is so excited!!it's time to fly!!
So scary!!! (Maybe just for mommy!)