Saturday, January 30, 2010

More bedrest.

I have been on bed rest for a while, and I think I have been doing a pretty good job of staying in bed and not doing anything. The reason I have been on bed rest, is that this nice doctor that is in charge of the babies while in utero, doesn’t like what my cervix has been doing the last month. I can say that I warned them for months that this was going to happen and to be prepared to be stunned, I also kept asking for the medicine that I knew could slow to progress. Well they didn’t get what I was saying and they were stunned. The problem is that in the past month my cervix has been shortening or effacing, form 24 weeks to 28 weeks I went from 3.5cm (like 20 something % effaced) to 1.2cm (80 something % effaced). Because of that, I am now in the hospital just in case. They don’t like that I am doing this a month earlier than I did with my boys. They are also concerned that with the extra baby and stuff (I am measuring 37 weeks singleton) I might progress further. Some other factors that are against me are, this is my third pregnancy, I live far away, and I am only 28 weeks. Because of this, they don’t feel that is in the babies’ best interest for me to be at home right now.
So for now, I get to get my meals brought to me in bed at the local Hospital Hotel! I think Tyson, Branson and Jeanette are at this moment celebrating that they don’t have to take care of me anymore!
Some of the memorable moments of the day are when the Perinatologist told me “You are the bane of my existence!” She and another doctor she works with are the only two people that get grants from the government to study the cervix, and my cervix is beyond her understanding. She asked me and my mom to be scanned for her study.  

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Christmas Eve Tyson's Family came over in the afternoon and hung out all day. We had a nice dinner and a bunch of treats! It was nice to get together and just take it easy. I hope we can do the same thing next year, only maybe start earlier.

Christmas morning we slept in, I think this was the first time we haven't  had to wake the boys up! They got a few toys, a sled, blankets Tyson and I made them and some much needed clothes!
Tyson suprized me with the rest of our central vac and he also got me a bed set. I was a slacker this year and didn't get Tyson anything special. He had just bought a TV so I figured that was good with some pants and some softwere he ordered. I also gave him a silverware set...he wasn't amused!

After our house we went down to Dad and Laurie's. They had a wonderful breakfast and all the kids got to open new toys for grandmas house! Tyson just made the boys some beds, so Grandma and Grandpa  are getting us a mattress for one of them!  The boys have slept in the same twin bed forever! Laurie also went all out and had a bunch of little girl matching outfits! It is so strange to see pink and purple baby clothes!  

At the end of the day we went to Mom and Jim's for a wonderful dinner and opened more gifts. Grandma and Grandpa Lindshiled and Grandma and Grandpa Smutz send their gifts to moms, so the boys are even more spoiled there! Mom went all out again and caught me by surprise a few times! Rachel and I got new serger's! I think Mom was done with us using hers all the time!
We were very spoiled this year, but the thing I love most about Christmas is spending time with family and remembering the true meaning of Christmas.

2009 was a long year of both blessings and trials. Some I have shared and some were to personal to share.
I thank our Father in Heaven for all he has given us this year, because even with the trials, I have had the blessing of feeling my Savior beside me, stronger than I ever have before.
My mom wrote a paper in college about her exspereance when my sister had childhood cancer. Something she said at the end of the paper has been in the front of my mind all year. She said something along the lines of  " There are moment in life when time stops and nothing of the world matters anymore" I can say I have had those moments this year.
I am so grateful to my Savior that has carried me and comforted me and my loved ones this year. I hope I will remember and feel his peace this coming year

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some reasons we love living in Heber!

People ask me what I love about living in Heber, after looking at these pictures I thought I would write down a few reasons!
I love that Tyson can come home whenever he wants to. Log Craft and Park Engineering are right down the road. Before we moved here, Tyson would have to leave at 6 am and wouldn't get back until 6 pm or later most days. These are pictures of the boys in the shop at Log Craft helping Tyson make their beds. They really love having Daddy near by!

Daddy and the boys had a lot of fun decorating for Christmas this year. Tyson did such a good job, I need to get some pictures of all the decorations he put up. It was rewarding to see the house we worked so hard on decorated for Christmas!

Snow! I love the snow here! It is so pretty when it comes down and we got a ton of it when it did snow. It seems to just stay in the right spot once it is cleared. 
Some other things I love....
not having the inversion, the sky is always so clear up here.
The wonderful ward, I have already learned so much from these wonderful ladies!
Having a house that can handle company, and my kids.
Wonderful neighbors.
The little town that you and drive through in a jiffy!
The nice library (I need to go there more!)
The wonderful people that Tyson works with being able to stop by!
Not having to pay a ton of money for Tyson to go to work.
Being able to enjoy the canyon drive with my honey!

Ethans Birthday!

We had a little family party for Ethan’s Birthday this year. Tyson decorated Ethan’s cake too, such talent! Branson has been living at our house, so he was there. Grandpa Ed had just stopped by and joined us as well.
Ethan is such a sweet boy, and we are so happy he is a part of our family. He is very shy and quiet, but underneath that he does have a very stubborn and strong personality. He can be quite a brute, but he takes criticism into himself and deals with it eternally. He loves to use his strength when he plays. So unfortunately for Isaac, Ethan wrestles him to the floor all the time! I am always so surprised with the different ways Ethan and Isaac go about doing things. They both love the same things but, Isaac will just use his hands and Ethan has to use his whole body. Isaac loves to be with new people; Isaac would rather be with his family. I love that they have come to an age where they love to be with each other (when they are not fighting!) and find new things to do. Ethan loves his Daddy; he has to be doing everything he does. He loves to cuddle both me and Tyson; he is such a cuddle bug! Ethan still loves his naps and will let you know when he it done and needs rest. Ethan has big growth spurts. He will eat everything in the house for a month when he is on a growth spurt. He also has discovered that he loves sushi this year, and so now I have to contend with him and Isaac when I make a sushi roll! I worry about how we are going to feed these boys when they are teenagers!
I love you Ethan Boy!

October Fun!

Being the wife of Tyson Munford, I can’t finish up a year without pictures of Hunting Season! This year was different for us, because we had the Deer hunt in October and Tyson’s family Elk Hunt is going on right now. Usually it starts after deer season and goes until the end of December. This year Tyson’s family got to choose one month that they wanted to hunt. I am very grateful it was after the holidays!
I didn’t think I was going to be able to go on the deer hunt (being 13 weeks pregnant) but the road on the property was really good this year.  We stayed up at Colton for a week and had lots of fun with the family. Tyson didn’t get anything, but I didn’t have a hard time with that, I don’t like deer meat!
At the end of the week we had a Halloween party at the store. It was a lot of fun to see everyone and have a good time.
We spent New Year’s up at Colton.  Uncle Chuck and Jesse came up and it’s always fun when they show up! There was so much snow all the boys decided to chain up their trucks and see how far out and how stuck they could get the trucks! I think they scared off all the Elk in the mean time! The whole week end they had fun digging each other out of the snow, while Linda and I had fun making candy and sitting in the warm house! We still have into next month the get an Elk and I hope we do, it is nice to have all that meat in the freezer!

Living with my Mama!

This past summer we lived with my Mom for about four months while we were working on our house. It was crazy, and we really put a dent in Allen’s social life, but overall it was a lot of fun! Some of the biggest highlights were. Staying up late, laughing hysterically. Isaac and Ethan cuddling up next to “Grandpa Jim” whether he liked it or not! The backyard was wonderful; the kids were out there as soon as they woke up, until the sun went down! Playing with Sadie. Growing a garden, and making salsa with the stuff we grew. Canning Mom’s peaches. Isaac and Ethan wanting to go home at night to see “Gwama” “Nason” “Awen” ”Sadie” and “Gwampa Jim”. Play dough, Isaac asked Grandma to make this for him every day; I think we went through all the salt in mom’s house! Cramming a family of four and all their stuff into the smallest room in the house!

I love you Mom, Jim, Allen and Nate! Thanks for letting us stay with you for so long!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Isaacs BIrthday!

Daddy decorated Isaacs Birthday Cake this year, Isaac told him what he wanted and Daddy put it on the cake! Such a talented Daddy! 

This is Ethan's set of pictures form Isaac's birthday. It’s my belly, an upside-down self portrait, Isaac on the stove, his foot and Branson. Good job Ethan!

Isaac has grown up so much this year, he still loves to do everything with Daddy, he go to work in his shop at  Log Craft building furniture, he also helped us build the house. If we needed something he could run and bring it to us.  Everyone in the neighborhood knew who Isaac was before they knew who we were.  Everyone that came to the public park behind our house would hear “Oh, do you want to play at my playground?”  He had a lot of friends be the end of the summer!  Isaac loves to learn, he has been doing really well with his reading and math. He is always drawing and making things with his play dough.  He has a very active imagination, you might hear Ethan saying “Dad” this and “Dad” that around the house when Tyson is gone, but he isn’t talking to Tyson, he is participating in the father- son adventure outing Isaac has created for them to go on!  Isaac is very outgoing, he loves to talk to people and will tell a story a mile long, he does have a sweet spirit and it brakes my heart to see his little face when a friend is mean to him. He doesn’t understand cruelty and his feeling's get hurt very easily. Isaac is very excited to be going to school this year, I can’t believe it has come so soon! He has been asking to go to school for the past two years!


I am so sad I didn’t get very many pictures taken during Thanksgiving. It was another wonderful time with family and lots of food!  The Sunday before thanksgiving we were at my mom’s house. We ate some wonderful food and played our traditional bingo game. The day of Thanksgiving we went to eat more good food at Tyson’s moms and hang out. Later that night we went to Dad and Laurie’s to more grate food and play nurts. I have learned how to play recently and need to still practice! The pictures are of Tyson’s mom’s house, everyone was laughing in the kitchen. The other pictures are of Tyson practicing holding twins!  Heather and Caitlyn had to join in on the picture taking!  I wasn’t feeling up to par most of  September , October and November so I think these are all the pictures I took those months:(