Saturday, August 7, 2010


I want to write down what we are doing at least once a month! I know I should blog every week or every other week, but once a month is a good as I can do right now!
This past month we had fun with all the fireworks friends and family! We had our friends the Sprays over for the 4th and they took pictures of the babies!  It was a lot of fun!
We went to the Hatch family reunion again this year! It was a lot of fun as always, but a lot hotter this year.  We only staid one night, but I spent most of the time on grandmas bed with the girls trying to get out of the heat! The boys had a lot of fun at the lake looking for new adventures things to do, after a lot of contemplation, Tyson and Jeremiah decided to run his bike off the boat ramp into the water. It ended up being the form of entertainment for everyone at the lake!
The next day we staid over in Cedar City and went to the Munford reunion. It was a lot of fun to meet Tysons cousin Adam and his wife Hayley and their family. It is amazing to see Tysons resemblance to this side of the family!
My grandma came and staid with us for a week because my sister got married this month! It was a lot of fun to have Grandma stay with us and help out, the girls always love to have someone around to hold them when I just can’t! It was also fun to talk to Grandma about her experience with raising twins( my dad and his brother) She told me about how after she gave birth she didn’t even get to hold her babies until she took them home about 8 weeks later. When she got them home she would bottle their milk in a canner after she made it from PET brand evaporated milk! She also cloth diapered the twins and had four kids in diapers because they were so close in age!  She didn’t have high chairs so she would tie the boys to the chairs with dish towels to feed them. She did all of this before she was 20 years old! I have a lot to be grateful for!
As I said my sister got married! Caitlyn married Chandler on the 30th in the Draper Temple! It was so fun to see my baby sister get married! I can still remember the day she was born, my sweet little “Baby Cakes” got married! Everything was beautiful, and everyone did such a good job with planning it all out. I loved every minute of it; it had to be the best wedding I have been to in a while!  I will have to put pictures up soon.
Isaac is starting school in the next few weeks and I don’t know who is more excited, him or me! He is going to the Solder Hollow Charter School; it is in the building that housed the cross country ski stuff during the Olympics. He went in to be tested and he knew everything, several times the teacher asked him how he knew something and he said “It’s because I’m smart”. She was thinking that he should be put in the first grade but I was a little worried about that so I think he is just going to be left in Kindergarten.
Ethan is finally going to Primary on his own! While I was on bed rest he got used to Daddy coming with him to class. I was done with that so I took him a few time and let him know I would be back when I was finished feeding the babies. He has been fine ever since then, except it is still his nap time so he will fall asleep if he is too tired!
Alayna is getting so big! I just took the girls in for their four month visit and Alayna is 15lbs and 95% for height and weight in the normal baby chart! She loves her food and still wants to eat in the night. Last night I tried to not feed her in the night and it went really well. I hope we can keep it up! Alayna is all smiles and is starting to giggle! Today we had a long day and she was so tired, Daddy was holding her and she was having a melt down and for the first time I noticed that she was looking around for me and when she saw me she was sobbing so had she was shaking, poor girl. She is such a love I felt so bad! Both girls have also discovered their brothers and it is so cute to see the girls watch for the boys and smile and get excited to see them. At the same time, the boys love to get in the girls faces and when they do that the girls are done with them and can become hysterical with fear.  So mommy has to watch them a lot!
Olivia is my little girl; I have never had a child that was this petite! She is so little I still feel like she is going to break! She was 11lbs 10oz and 2in shorter than sister! She is in the 75% for height and 25% for weight. Her neck is doing a lot better and she loves to sit up with help. I think she will be the first to sit and crawl! She is all smiles too but a little more shy than Alayna about it! I have also discovered (with grandmas help) that she does not like having noise when she is eating, she also doesn’t want to be upset when she is about to eat! If I wait too long to feed her and she can hear things, she will stop eating and yell at me. It’s not a cry ether; she will look in my eyes and squawk at me in a mad way! Even then she is my sweet little china doll and I love her!
I have been loving Heber! The nights as so nice and I love to sit on the porch and look at all the colors in the sky as the sun goes down. I wish I could make it out to play in the day, but night seems to be the easiest time for me to get out. It has been a wonderful summer but I think it will be nice to get into more of a set schedule this fall.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


We had our new friends the Sprays over at the beginning of the month, Josh takes pictures and was so kind to take these in our basement! It was a lot of fun and he is so talented, his wife Tara was such a big help! I love them!