Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tyson turned 30!

My wonderful husband turned 30 on the 4th! We had some friends from Heber over for diner and played Wii games and just had fun!
On the Sunday after his birthday we had the traditional Sushi Party at my moms house. We have been doing this ever since I got married to Tyson to celebrate his birthday at my moms house. When we first started doing this Mom, Jim and Tyson were the only ones making Sushi and eating it, but over the past 7 years that has all changed! Now it is a crazy cooking, rolling extravaganza and everyone is making the biggest baddest rolls and sharing them all around! Isaac and Ethan even took part in eating as much sushi as possible. Alayna and Olivia didn't have sushi but they have been signing eat, more and milk this week, so they put on a show for everyone! I wish I got pictures of the rolls, but I forgot in the craziness!

Tyson did get his elk the week before his birthday, so he went with the boys up to Colten to have a party cutting it up. We are so grateful he was able to get an elk this year and for all the help with it, we haven't been able to get one the past few years and it has been missed! 

Happy Birthday Honey! Thank you for all you do for us!

We has Chili and Clam Chowder in bread bowls and salad. Molly was so kind to help me out and make the bead bowels and my other friend made a wonderful salad!

My attempt to make a cake. It was pumpkin with cream cheese good!

Kids having fun with the Wii and the cake!

It is a lot of fun to get a lot of guys together to play the Wii, they want to hang out and play all night! I think Tyson is the worst, he would play the drums and guitar all night!