Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Life has been crazy lately. I feel like I am running around a lot, but I wanted to get some things written down before I forget! The girls are a little over two months now and growing like weeds. At there two month appointment Alayna was 11lbs %oz (97%) 22.75in (90%) Olivia was 9lbs (50%) 21in (10%).

Alayna is my little talker (more like screamer!) she needs to know someone is hearing her all the time. She also needs to eat all day long. She is starting to smile and talk and is way too cute for her own good, she looks so much like Ethan did, but is just like Isaac as a baby; always needs to entertain and be entertained! She is such a strong, chunky, happy baby! She is such a beautiful baby with her perfect skin, big eyes and wonderful smile; I love to make her smile!

Olivia is my little angel; she is so quiet I have to make sure she is getting enough attention. She has a little quiet cry that she uses only when she has had enough, and she needs me now! She has tons of dark hair and beautiful little eyes with long lashes; she has dark olive skin and petite little features. She is not an eater and I wonder if she will ever catch up to her sister. Her neck is getting a little better but she is still not as strong as her sister. She looks similar to what Isaac looked as a baby, but she has more of Ethan’s personality. She is also starting to smile and talk and her little smile might be more of mine than any of my other kids!

Isaac and Ethan love their sisters. Some days more than others! Isaac has been a big help with the girls, he loves to feed Alayna when she just needs a bottle and I need a break! He loves to sing them songs like the A says Ahh. They will be so happy but if he stops to figure out what letter is next, the girls start screaming! Ethan loves the babies and wants to hold them and play with them all the time. It isn’t always possible, and if I tell him “No” when he wants to play with them he can start acting out. He thinks that the girls can handle toys being thrown at them……we are working on that, ugh.

Tyson is doing well, tired as ever! After ten years at Log Craft he is leaving to work for a company that he had been doing work for the past 6 months. They do anchors for large buildings and needed someone to design and engineer their product for each bid. It was hard trying to do three jobs, and after the company kept asking him for more of his time something had to give. We are sad to leave Log Craft, we have such wonderful friends there, but they are right down the road so we will have to still bug them once in a while!

Last week Tyson went to England for some training, he had a lot of fun seeing London, the Queen opened Parliament that day so he got to see her whole parade. What a lucky guy! He also had fun with his cousin Jared and family.

This summer we are hoping to finish our yard, so Tyson and Branson have been working on that the sprinklers are almost in and we have new dirt. We hope to get grass soon so I can send the kids outside and they won’t get as dirty!

Everyone asks how I am feeling, I feel wonderful! It is so nice to be up and moving around. Being on bed rest for five months can take a toll on a body, and I am grateful I feel as good as I do. Being able to exercise when I can is such a blessing and it feels so wonderful to feel my lungs sting as I work out. I want to go everywhere and do everything, but it is a little harder with 4 kids! Some days I am exhausted and if I look like I am in a coma I probably am! Sorry is you catch me on those days! Life is crazy, but I am just happy that we are so healthy and blessed!