Saturday, November 24, 2012

February 2012

For Valintines Day we tried to make Daddy some candy flowers, it was a lot of work with little ones stealing the candy! We then went and surprised Daddy at work!
I love how Olivia dresses up and sings all the time, this is a typical Olivia moment.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

January 2012

Isaac's school is at a ski resort so the kids get to ski twice during the week in the winter. I love his school because the kids are used to being out in the weather and get to experience the outdoors. I also love that the kids are taught by great ski instructors and they love teaching the kids.

Once a year the school has "Olympic Day" and we get to go see them do some fun relays and compete with each other. All the classes are a country and Isaac's class was France this year. The whole week the class spends time learning about their country and at the end of the week they get to bring treats from that country. They also get to teach the rest of the school what they learned and go learn about the other classrooms "country's".

This was the first year the whole family got to go watch, Ethan and the girls had so much fun playing in the snow (until nape time!) Daddy had fun helping the kids ski and being an obstetrical coarse! Grandma even came and Isaac was so excited to show off his moves!

Olivia had fallen asleep and Alayna decided she could pull her around, she is so strong! I am so proud of Isaac and his willingness to try so hard at what he does. His teachers love him and he is such a hard working smart boy!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

December 2011

Our family celebration for Isaac's 7th birthday and Ethan's 6th.

Tyson worked all for three days in December to make me an entertainment center. He did a beautiful job and I love having it in our home! This is him just starting, thinking his deer mount would look good hanging over the entertainment center....I said "No"!

The past 9 years since we have been married we have been travailing a lot on Christmas. That has become harder with the kids so both of our families have been trying to cut down on that the past few years. It has been nice to be able to see everyone and enjoy the time instead of running the whole day. Christmas Eve Grandma Vickie, Grandpa Blaine and Tyson's siblings came over for dinner and games. Some of them slept over and we had a great time having Christmas morning at our house. It was nice to be able to stay for a while and have a wonderful breakfast made by Daddy!

Getting everybody up and ready for some fun!

Fun stockings! I have to make a note about the skirts Tyson is holding up for the girls ( that is the nice thing about taking forever to update the blog!) I had bought those skirts on a after Halloween sale and thought they would be nice for the girls dress-up box. Well, I think the girls wore them to death and I now have them hidden because the girls won't get out of them to go places, they were a good find for a dollar! 

Branson and Jordan watching the kids!

Alayna loving Daddy!

Grandma and Grandpa opening presents. Grandma even found money stuffed in a slipper!

It wouldn't be Christmas without a girl fight! (J/K!) I guess the remote control puppy was a big hit!

The boys love Bayblades and asked for them all year, they are a big thing in the neighborhood! 

The boys got scooters and I'm sad to say one of them got stolen from the park the first day they took them out for ride:( Isaac made a wonderful drawing of the family! The girls love their Rapunzel dolls and dresses, the movie is a favorite with these girls! 

Daddy got a DVD player and an air compressor, I like to think he was surprised, he is the hardest person to shop for!

Isaac made me a cute little Elf and card, I love how hard he works and how excited he gets to show me!
Christmas Day we went to Grandma Laurie and Grandpa Garry's house. Christmas was on Sunday this year and so we had the opportunity to go listen to Dad and Laurie's beautiful Christmas program at church. It was a good moment to stop and think of the Christ child and celebrate his birth!

I love this picture of Ethan. A week of so before Christmas he had chopped off the front part of hi hair. I tried to fix it, but he went right to the scalp!

Olivia thought Allen was being to noisy so she kept shushing him! Caitlyn had wrapped a present with blue and pink balloons to tell us she was pregnant!

Grandma Laura had decided that the night before Christmas Eve is her night to have Christmas at her house. It is a wonderful start to Christmas, we all start with a shebang of fun family time!

The girls were very spoiled this year, there are perks to being the only girls!

Hay look, it is this blog in a book! I love the picture of Ethan behind the tree!

My beautiful Snow White! It was so nice to have so much fun with family and I am grateful for this time of year to reflect on what is important in life, the birth of my Savior, the Gospel that gives me strength and my family that brings happiness to my life. Happy 2011!