Monday, September 29, 2008

Ward Swim Party!

A long time ago…..maybe two months, we went to the Pleasant Grove Pool for a ward swim party. We had so much fun, the whole pool was just for our ward so we were running up stairs and going down the slide the whole time! Isaac loved it, but I think Ethan took more convincing!

After they had a nice lunch and mingle. Ethan and Clark Tholl were playing so well together until I took the camera out. I looked up to see Clark hiding from me!

After that we went to the Finch reunion at the Veterans Pool in Provo. I didn’t take the camera but we had so much fun! That have really long slides that Grandpa Blaine helped put in and we had to try them out. I took Ethan down the slide, and Tyson look Isaac. The people in line told us that one slide was fast and one was slow. I thought that since we had just been on the other parks slides we should have been okay on the fast one. When I got on with Ethan I laid down on my back and sat Ethan on my stomach. First we went down a steep drop and Ethan tensed up….then I realize we were speeding up a lot….. so I sat up to try and slow down and saw another steep drop. I wanted to scream, but nothing came out. I think Ethan was too scared to scream too. He started clawing at me without making a sound. I started freaking out as we went into a big turn. I thought we weren’t going to make it out alive! We finally shot out of the slide like bullets to see Tyson and Isaac waiting for us with huge grins on their faces. I gave Tyson a “that was the dumbest thing I have ever done” look. Then we went down the slide ten more times! Some people never learn!

Swim Party!

I am finally blogging again!! I have been so busy this summer, but I don’t know why. The last month or more I have been walking with some of the girls in my ward every morning. We start at nine and walk for an hour, than stretch at the park while the kids play. The problem is we like to stay out until lunch so I don’t get everything done that I need to.
Oh well, playing is a lot more fun!!

We had a party a month ago at the clubhouse for Denise and Kierstans Birthday. I wasn’t the best picture taker and missed taking pictures of half the group. Isaac and Ethan have loved going to the pool this summer. Isaac can get around very well with his life vest. I think we will teach him to swim next summer.