Saturday, December 20, 2008


This year for Thanksgiving, we had dinner at my moms the Sunday before. We enjoy being able to enjoy thanksgiving all week long! We played bingo and enjoyed the good food! On Thanksgiving we spent the afternoon at Tyson's moms, eating more wonderful food. It was nice to see all Tyson's siblings as well as Grandma and Grandpa Finch! Uncle Chuck and Jessie even came. We had so much fun laughing at his crazy stories! Later we went to my Dad and Laurie's house. My sister Rachel's extended family came to join in the fun as well as my mom. There was so much good food, I was ready to explode by the end of the day!
I am so grateful for this holiday season when we can remember all the things we can be thankful for, especially The Savior and our wonderful families! My little family is so blessed to have such wonderful people that love us and care for us!
We love you all!
Thank you!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I have Bloggled my Blog!

This company started a website that downloads blogs! Bloggled will also be able to publish your blog to books in the future. I am so excited about this, I have worried about the possibility of loosing my blog form the moment I started blogging. One of the only reasons I ever started a blog was because I found out It was possible to turn it into a book. I am so excited I have the opportunity to have my families memories forever!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hatch House

The Sunday after Halloween we went to Tyson's moms house for dinner. The boys took their costumes to show grandma. It got a little crazy when everyone else wanted to find a costume. Branson loves to find crazy outfits and create personalities to go with them. This is him with pillow stuffing on the front and back, doing the shake bootee dance!

I love my little Yoda, he has such pretty eyes! I love that Tyson helped me out by sewing the wrinkles on Yoda's forehead!

That Jedi is pretty hot too!

Isaac was so proud of his costume, he still talks about it and wears it all the time.

Isaac and Riley found the camera.

Gotta love grandmas wigs!

Another one of Bransons caricatures!

Monday, December 8, 2008


My sister Rachel found out she is having twin boy's! Now she will have 5 boy's 5 1/2 years and under! This is her 18 week belly shot. I don't think we are related because I look like I am having triplets at 18 weeks!
My dad is a fraternal twin, and yes, that is hereditary.
Tyson is scared!!!

More Halloween

Halloween night we went to the Trunk-or-Treat, then to my dads house.
The boy's had a blast helping Grandma pass out candy!

Tyson and I went to the stake Halloween dance. Tyson was a Jedi and I was supposed to be Princess Amidala, I was wearing Rachel's ball gown with a cloak Laurie gave me. I think we pulled off the Star War them well!

I had to get a picture of Nick. He decided to be Tyson for Halloween! He has the Log Craft outfit, and a "Tyson Munford" name tag.

Isaac and Ethan were so cute trunk-or-treating! We went down the first row of cars, and Ethan wanted to eat every piece of candy he was given. I finally convinced him that if he put it in his bag, we would get more at the next car. By the end of the night he had it down!
Everyone loved Ethan as Yoda and would comment on his costume. Isaac was so upset that he started informing everyone who he was. We would walk up to a car and he would say "Hi I'm Luke Skywalker" before they could say anything to Ethan!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Friends Outside

This is an example of what we have been doing in the mornings the last six months. Our sweet friend Amber and her baby Sterling, helped us decide to go walking in the morning. We started walking at 9:30 every morning. Soon after we had more friends, Elise and her kids Lexie and Emerson, join us. We walk most mornings, but if it gets cold we work out to exercise videos in the club house. Sometimes we even have other friends join us. In the fall we would end our walks at the park and more friends and moms would come out to play. We loved the park in the fall because all the people that had a garden would let us help and the weather was perfect to play! On this day Melodee, Grayson, Erin, Jacob, Jenny, Clair, Amber, Sterling, Elise, Lexie, Emerson, Rachel, Vienna, Lindy, David and Emily came out to play. Brother and Sister Sellers were even in there garden!

Friends from Japan

In September Sister Fujisawa ( a lady Tyson taught on his mission) came to see us. We were so lucky to meet her sister Keiko, daughter Mariko and granddaughter Me (pronounced May). My kids had so much fun playing with them. I amazed with how well Isaac communicated with these sweet sisters. They speak some English, but it isn't easy. Isaac was a chatter box, he didn't care if they talked to him or used had signals, he was in heaven with them here. I was touched to see how nothing stopped Isaac from making instant friends. He didn't understand what they were saying but he did a good job of interpreting for them and making all of us laugh!

Tyson took our friend up to the Unitas (I had to stay home because we didn't have enough seats) The love seeing the beautiful waterfall and scenery. On the way back he stopped at his dad house in Kamas. They had a blast riding four-wheelers all over his property. The highlight of the day was when they got out dad's guns. In Japan not every police officers carry guns. Tyson always says the mafia carries samurai swards. So when Tyson decided they should go shooting, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. They had never held a gun let alone shot one! Tyson was surprised how well Keiko was able to shoot!

On the way ,Tyson stopped at one of the houses he designed.
Fujisawa is the only member of the church. She wanted to take her sister and daughter to see Temple Square. It was amazing to hear the sister missionaries and Tyson explaining everything in Japanese.
I am so grateful for the many blessings we still receive from Tyson choosing to go on a mission. I am also grateful these sisters take the time to come see us and enrich our lives!

Work Party

Back in September, we had another amazing Log Craft work party. Log Craft has such a fun group of people, we laugh till we cry!
I love the picture of Ethan, he loves his chocolate cake!

A long time ago....

It has been so long since I took pictures off my camera! So be ready for a lot of pictures in the next week!
I don't even know where to start with this post. We had a girls night out in my ward. The top pictures are of Lisa's "shake your head and take a picture of it" game. I am so glad I don't have one of me!
The other pictures are of Mel, wondering what it would be like as a brunet.
It was a fun night!