Friday, July 29, 2011

April 2011

It sure as been a could year, I wondered if it would ever stop snowing. Alayna and Olivia loved to look out the window at the snow falling, now I think they like being outside in the nice weather better then the snow!

 Isaac and Ethan have been helping out with the girls a lot more lately. They pick them up and drag them back to me when they know the girls are doing something wrong. The boys also like to make the girls laugh! Isaac loves to feed them and help them take baths, he is a great hair washer!
 This year the Easter Bunny prepared early for Easter. But forgot all about when Easter was because he was to tired from partying the night before. Lucky he remembered at 5 am. that is why there is only one picture of Easter, and why I don't care that Ethan is in his undies! 

We went to Rachel's house to have lunch and cake for Grandmas birthday. It is quite crazy when we have all the kids together! Rachel put fish crackers on her coffee table for both sets of twins. It was so cute to see them all gobble the fishes in delight!

Girls walking!

Olivia decided to surprised  us one day and started walking between my friends Tiana and Marie. They had both come over late one night and we ended up making blankets for Tianas sister. Olivia loved the fabric she had and walked to her to get it, she is such a soft blanket girl! It took a few more weeks to get the walking thing down, but finally was on her way at the end of April. 
Alayna was not as interested in walking as Olivia,and didn't think showing off for the camera was her thing! It took her till the end of May to get her feet under her and start walking. I finally got this video of her before she could catch me. She would always sit down and pretend she wasn't doing anything if we said anything about her walking! 
Now not only do they walk, they run! They love to run out the door as soon as the boys open it and if I am distracted they are at the park by the time I can get to them, they love being so big!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

March 2011 And The Girls are One!!!

 I typed this back in March and have been going like crazy, it is time to catch up!
The girls turned one on Thursday. Daddy had been out of town for a few days and got home just in time for the girls to have fast lasagna and little cup cakes! The Owens had come over and gave them a xylophone, It is one of there favorite things to play with when they go visit Miss Olivia and Carolyn, so they thought the girls needed one!  The girls loved their cake and got it everywhere, it was verry cute! After cake, Mommy went over to the church for the Relief Society Birthday Party for a little get away that was needed! Daddy put the boys to bed and gave the girls a bath. After he took Olivia out and put her diaper on he went back and Alayna had pooped in the tub and was eating one of the floating logs!! Oh Daddy had a lot of fun cleaning that out of her mouth, EEEWWWW!!!
The Sunday after their birthday we had the big family birthday at our house. We had sweet pork and Rachel made the girls little pink cakes with birthday duckies swimming on teething rings, it was so cute! The rest of us had pink cupcakes, Grandma and Grandpa Munson and Berg came Grandma Vickie, Grandpa Ed, Rachel's family, Allen, Heather, Brady, Caitlyn, Chandler, Nathan, Jeremiah, all came to wish them Happy Birthday! Thank you everyone for making it a special day and for all the fun presents!
Opening the present that the Owens got them! Tyler her brother Braden had been over to watch the kids while I ran to the store, so Tyler helped a little! 

The Owens stayed and sang Happy Birthday, we all gad fun blowing out candles and eating cake!

So good!

Grandma and Grandpa Lindshild has sent up dresses and toys!

 On Sunday we had the rest of our family come over to celebrate. Before they got here we some how ended up on the stairs playing. I think Olivia was asleep and we were just having fun!
 I don't know why we did this, I think we were deciding what collars the girls eyes were and we all took pictures of our eyes to compare. I think we were only missing Olivia. I need to remember to get one of her!
Everyone had a lot of fun and we ate a lot of sweet pork and chicken!
The girls were not so sure of the present unwrapping thing!

Rachel's twins Finn and Fritz and my little thumb sucker Olivia!

Aunt Rachel made the girls such pretty little cakes! And they tasted so good Alayna kept sticking her face in it!!

More pictures of us playing on the stairs, Alayna is wearing Uncle Claysons hat.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

February 2011

Ethan loves to take pictures. I love it when he does, he can get the most interesting shots!
Isaac is such a big help, he loves to feed his sisters and help with them when he isn't "to busy"!
Bath time is a big deal around our house. When we were building we thought a big deep tub would be nice, it is more like the kids swimming pool!
I love these pictures I snapped of our wonderful Daddy and Alayna . He always takes time to do things with the kids one on one. No wonder they always want to be with him!
More bath time! I the girls are begging to get in and the boys are having a spitting war (ugh!) Do you like the action photo!
Mix of picture I want to remember! The kids are all over Daddy when he is home, Isaac is pretending to be him! I love to snuggle my babies! Bran made a lot of furniture this winter, I took a picture of how dusty he gets when he is sanding!
Having fun with the kids while Daddy was out of town. Can you tell how crazy they get!