Friday, October 1, 2010

August and September

I need to post more pictures; I am hoping it will happen this weekend! At the moment all the kids are in bed so I thought I would get down a few happenings of the past two months before I forget!
Life has been crazy for me! Having four little ones is such a blessing, but sometimes the list of things I have to do is so long and I have a hard time figuring out what should go at the top. Playing with two baby girls, reading to the boys, watching them all learn and grow, cleaning the house, making dinner, spending time with extended family, exercise, laundry, on and on and on. It is all so much at times, I feel like I am just running all the time! One thing I have loved doing this past month, when I can do no more, is to head outside. I bring Isaac home from school and my friend Katie that lives right next to me, is out with her two kids and the two kids she tends. I head over to her house and our other friends Molly and Heather come by and all the kids play. It has been wonderful! Maybe not for my sad house that is falling apart by the day, but for my sanity! I have been so grateful to wonderful friends that have helped hold and watch babies the past few months, at church, at my house and outside. They are a blessing to my arms and sanity! Thank you!
Tyson had a fun time this month going on Branson’s limited entry Elk hunt in the Book Cliffs. They left on a Friday and wanted to be back to work on Monday, but didn’t get home until late Tuesday night! He got a nice 6/7 Elk that scored 315-320! I was glad to see them come home and grateful to my friend Molly for taking the kids for a little while Tuesday evening, I was beyond done having Tyson gone!
Isaac started school this past month at the local charter school! I have really liked it and I think he has too! The charter school is part of a lodge up in the mountains, the aria is used for a lot of activities on the weekend, and we have had fun participating in some of the activities! One of the things the school does is teach the kids cross country skiing, Isaac is excited! I am very proud of Isaac, he is such a smart boy, when I took him in for testing, he knew so much they thought about putting him in first grade. I didn’t think that would be a good idea. I thought it was funny when the teacher asked what preschool Isaac had gone to, she was surprised when I told her he hadn’t gone to any preschool! He loves to learn and soaks up any information I give him! All my naighbors love Isaac, they all comment on what a fun kid he is, and all the little girls love him! Oh I have a long road ahead of me!
Ethan has loved his time at home with me; he has been talking more and becoming his own person. He still has his ornery streak, but he is getting better! He is so shy, and I can remember feeling as shy as he feels when I was a child. He also loves to learn and loves to play games on the computer. I am so grateful to the K9 web protection website, Ethan is so smart and it is getting hard to keep him off the computer, but that website really helps a lot with keeping him safe! Ugh, the things my parents didn’t have to deal with!
Olivia doesn’t need a helmet, yeah! It has been on my mind for a while now and I finally had her checked out…..So nice to know! She is so sweet; she has her little high pitched voice and loves to squeal when she is happy! She started sucking her thumb at 4 months and she has to have a blanket or her little doll up to her noes when she is sucking her thumb and ready to go to bed! She is doing well rolling over, and is starting to sit up! She loves sweet potatoes and for being only 13lbs she can sure eat a lot! Her neck is getting better, but I wish it would stay that way, sometimes it will get kinked and it is a big pain for her and for me! We are going to check up on some shakes she has once in a while when she is half asleep, but I am not too worried about it being a problem.
Alayna is my singer, she loves to sing and talk, and she doesn’t have a high pitched voice like Olivia. But she is always making noises! She thinks she needs to be talking, singing, yelling or screaming if she is awake! I sing Broadway songs to her and she likes the fast ones the best! When she smiles her dimples steal the show! She is 17lbs now and rolling like crazy and doing really well at sitting up. She also loves sweet potatoes and doesn’t let me forget that she needs some every night! Alayna has been fussy lately and I wonder if she is pre-teething. I guess we will wait and see!