Friday, January 23, 2009


It was so hard not to put more pictures of Ethan up!!!
I love you sweet baby!

Last Valentines we did our own photo shoot, to get some pictures for Daddy. I love how this one turned out.

We cant look at his eyes when he is in trouble or he melts our hearts!

This is the only picture of Ethan's first Birthday with him in it. Our camera broke, I am so sad.

Funny boy!!

Daddy always makes him smile!

A few months old and so big!

On our wedding video we talked about having kids after Tyson graduated. It didn't quite turn out that way, but i wouldn't trade my boys for anything. We learned that Heavenly Father knows whats going on, and I wouldn't trade them for anything!

Ethan's first Christmas!

Ethan the day he was born, holding his Binky in his mouth!

It was Ethan's Birthday on December 7th. My boys are two years and exactly a week apart!
Ethan is such a sweet boy and my little baby. I had two doctors tell me I can't carry him anymore because he is to big, but he is still my baby!
Some of the things Ethan loved and learned this year are....Daddy, his first word...Spider man,his second word!...and then Mommy!....he also loves playing outside...loves playing in a corner with cars by himself.....loves anytime he can be by himself and left alone!...He LOVES anything with wheels....also balls, or anything he can through at Isaac!....He does love to play with his brother when he is feeling up to it.....He loves Micky Mouse on TV and on the computer...He loves to sit on Daddy's lap and help him design things....he has come so far in his speech the past few months. He wasn't one to talk, than he just started speaking in sentences!....I love it when he comes to me and wants to hold my face and tell me what he wants...he also loves nursery, he was such an easy child to send to nursery. He will just sit with his favorite teacher Bro. Hanson, all day and play with toys.
We love you little boy!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!

Isaac at three years old.

Isaac at two years old.

Isaac's 2nd birthday.

Isaac 2 years old with his new brother Ethan.

Isaac's first birthday, with Ryley.

Isaac on his blessing day, sitting with Grandma. Grandma made his outfit.

Isaac newborn.

Daddy and Isaac, right after he was born.

Isaac turned four November 30th!!
He is such a sweet boy and we are so happy he is part of our family!
Some of his favorite things this year were...... Star Wars, Luck Skywalker...Playing outside with all his friends and helping in the gardens....Leaning to ride his bike on two wheels!!!! Helping his Daddy with all his projects......Helping Mommy cook......Playdough....Disney online and on TV........drawing (I wonder where he gets that from!!)....his play group...playing with all his relitives...Prymary...and being a big brother!!!
We love you Isaac!!!