Sunday, February 28, 2010


28 weeks! I am  fashioning a wonderful hospital gown and pressure pump leg things!

Isaac and Ethan having a good time drawing on the window! They loved the Hospital most days, by the end of our stay they new the nurses and loved to go with them to get cookies and milk!

Isaac reading to Mommy and Ethan. They loved my bed and wanted to push the buttons.....that didn't work for Mommy!

30 weeks!

31 weeks!

Ethan took a picture of Daddy!
I am grateful for all the wonderful nurses and staff at UVRMC. They have such a great support team at this hospital! I am also so grateful to all the friends and family that came to visit, I think I laughed way to much!  Thanks Mom for coming and sitting for hours! Thank you Honey for coming to see me with the boys almost every night!
Thank you to Jeanette for taking care of everything while I was gone....even though you thought the hospital was so gross!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Going Home!

I am going home today! I think I am excited! Mom, Tyson and Rachel and everyone else want me to stay here.
I went to the peri doctor yesterday and they did an ultrasound. I will be 32 weeks on Saturday, Baby A is weighing 4lb 12oz, Baby B is 5lb 3oz. I have been lying down so long my cervix is now posterior and it has regained some thickness, so I am now 50% effaced. I am 4cm dilated but the doctor isn't as worried about that because of my history. I get to go home on the same bed rest and the same medicine with the understanding that I have to go to the Heber Hospital and get transferred down here if I am in labor. I hope to get to 34 or 36 weeks so the babies are as healthy as possible and don't have to stay in the NICU for very long.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still Here

We had our Perinatologest appointment last Friday. I had tried to get it at a time when Tyson and mom could be there, Tyson’s birthday was on the 4th and as a present I was hoping that he could see an ultrasound for the first time in a long time. It turned into a mess, they hadn’t schedule the appointment at all and decided to fit me in on Friday, I asked to be fit in at the end of the day and they said okay. First thing in the morning a lady came in my room with a wheel chair and said I had to go now. I was so disappointed the whole time I didn’t get to enjoy the ultrasound and because they were fitting me in I didn’t have my doctor and didn’t have any of my questions answered. I was so upset (don’t mess with the pregnant girl, and I have been doing a good job keeping my emotions in check) everything went crazy and I ended up having another consultation on Monday with my doctor. It was wonderful, but sadly I didn’t have an ultrasound so Tyson still didn’t get to see the babies.
In the end, the decision was made to have me stay in the hospital until I am 32 weeks. The big factors are that I live in Heber; my cervix looks like it is staying the same but has shown that it can change in an instant. I also had a really bad day last Thursdays and broke through my meds and contracted regularly for 5 hours and had to be stopped with two tocolytics. That can be really bad for my heart, so the first Peri was not happy about that and doesn’t want it to happen again. My meds have been upped and I am doing better, so we will see how it goes. At 32 weeks they said they will reassess the circumstances and see what my body is doing, if it is changing I might have to stay longer. If I go home at 32 weeks I have to go to the hospital in Heber and be stabilized before being transferred down to Provo if I start contracting again. If I were to go home before 32 weeks and have the babies at that hospital, they would have a really hard time with them and it would be really dangerous.
Right now I am 29 ½ weeks, Baby A is 2lbs 13 oz (they think, her head is so low it is hard to get the measurement they need) Baby B is 3lbs. They look wonderful and everyday their hearts sound stronger and they kick harder! I want to put a picture up of my bigness but this poor old laptop is too old to have the card insert thing!
My wonderful Honey comes to see me with the boys a lot, and I have had wonderful visits from friends and family!
I have been very impressed with UVRMC, they have so many support groups, and wonderful nurses that know when to stay and just talk. I was always worried that the Labor and Delivery was too big, but they do know what they are doing!  
Some of the funny highlights this week have been my introduction to heavy sleeping pills! They give Ambien to you at night if you can’t sleep. Well it kicks in right away with me and I can’t remember what I am doing. Tyson said I can’t talk to him on the phone after I take it, because I start going crazy. The nurses are only going to give me a half because they have had to help me to bed and last night I got up and started wandering the halls looking for a snack! Today I got to hear the fun Ambien stories form the nurses! I did try to not take it one night and it was the worst night ever, so I don’t think I can do that again.
I have a lot of people ask me how I am doing. I am fine; I would rather be pregnant right now than have babies in the NICU that I would have to leave here for weeks, if not months. I hope to get as far as possible and have nice healthy babies. I do miss Tyson, Isaac and Ethan A LOT, but I think I would be a bigger burden at home right now anyway.
I’m so grateful to my wonderful friend Jeanette who has moved in and taken care of so much. I am also grateful to my wonderful neighbors and family that have put me at ease taking care of my family. I love my wonderful husband that has done so much for me, I wish I could put him in bed for a few weeks so he could sleep and rest. He always has done too much, but I think it is finally catching up to him. I love him so much and wish I could do as much for him as he has done for me. I love you Honey!