Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Staying Home

The past few days we have been staying home. I think we have all been healthy at the same time, maybe three weeks in the past six  months. I am so done with winter and Isaac bringing illness home form school. The girls have also been teething whenever they are not sick so they have constant runny noses.

Yesterday I manages to pull my neck after laying on it funny then leaning over the side of the bed. All I heard was popping, then I couldn't move my head, ugh! Tyson, Isaac and Olivia are the ones that have been sick this week. Isaac and Olivia are getting better, but Tyson was up all night with 104 temperature.

So here we are, I look like a mummy with my neck wrapped up with ice, a towel to prop it up and an ace bandage holding it all together. Kids running like mad all over a messy house and Daddy looking like crap falling asleep on the floor, couch and bed. We are done!!!!!!!! So sickness, teething, pulled neck muscles.....please move on, winter is over and we are ready to go play outside!

I did manage to blog Christmas this week. It is only four months later!