Wednesday, December 30, 2009


About the end of August we found out we were pregnant! I was sick right away, I thought it had to do with all the work I was doing on the house.  We didn’t want to tell anyone for a while,  because we have always told everyone so early and it makes things drag on and on.  At 5 ½ weeks I started feeling a lot of pain and was worried I had an infection or something .  I went to the doctor and they told me I was fine, but they were concerned that  I could possibly have an ectopic pregnancy because I had the pain in the right spot and I was in the time frame to start feeling pain.  I called my mom sobbing and asked her to take my kids  so I could go to the hospital, she wanted to know what was wrong and I told her I was pregnant and it might be ectopic. Poor mom,  sorry for telling you that way! I went to the hospital and the Tec, that looked like a 12 year old boy,  did the ultrasound.  I couldn’t see the screen  but told him that twins run in the family so he might want to look all over. He had these bug eyes and said “ I don’t see anything in you tubes but I do see two sacs!” He was so happy to have found them, and proceeded to let all the other ultrasound people come see what he found!  I think all of them were surprised by how calm I was,  I think I already knew there were two.  I think I might blame it on Rachel and Dad, they have defiantly proven we can have twins in our family!  Later they found out that I had fluid stuck in my tubes and the pressure form that is what caused the pain. It eventually went away and I was so grateful!
I went back to moms and because the hospital wouldn’t let me have any pictures  (policy that early?) I made a card for Tyson with two little stick figures in bubbles  and under  the bubbles it said “Hi Daddy!” I showed  it to mom and all she said was “Are you kidding me!”.  Tyson finally came home and I gave him the card, it was so funny!  He gave me his blank confused look, than it hit him and all he could do was  laugh and say “Are you serious?!!!”  over and over again!
At 16 weeks we had hoped to find out what they were at the doctor’s office, because they had told us to expect an ultrasound at every visit. Tyson came with me and that was the  first and only time I didn’t have an ultrasound done.  We decided to go have an ultrasound done at the mall in Sandy with mom and Rachel. I was so glad we did, we had the most wonderful  girl from the Ukraine do our ultrasound. Later I was looking at the paper that said what her credentials were, and I guess she has a doctors license in the Ukraine.  I was very impressed, I still think that was the best ultrasound I have ever had!  We had all the little boys with us and she knew we were wondering if there were any girls coming! Isaac was in the back  of the room saying “Beau there are going to be two girls and I’m going to name them Lilly and Grace!” (his friends that are twins names!) Isaac had been saying this from the day we found out that we were having twins, and no one could make him think otherwise!  The girl put the wand on my stomach and right away said “Baby B is a girl!” I had always thought that if one of them was a girl it was going to be Baby B. After looking over the baby and taking measurements, she moved on to Baby A. Right away I knew what it was, and I just watched Tyson’s face. She started with the measurements  first on Baby A and every once in a while you could see that area. The first time Tyson looked confused; the next time his jaw dropped a little and he looked confused; the last time his jaw was on the floor, he was slightly out of his chair and he looked really confused,  than she said “It’s a girl!”. I was laughing so hard at the face Tyson was making,  I have never seen him that surprised!  The whole time Isaac kept saying “I told you they are girls!” I think I took a few days for Tyson to overcome the shock of both of them being girls. Then one day when he was going to work he ran back into the house and grabbed the pictures saying “I want to show everyone at work my baby girls!” I was shocked! He has been so excited, I can’t wait to see him with his girls!

The House

August and September we were working on the house again. All the finish work had to be done and it was a lot of work. I can admit that I am grateful for the skills I learned, but I’m not so sure I ever want to use them again!

These are some of the pictures of Tyson finishing the stairs. If you notice, he had to carve his name and the year into the beam going across the loft. So if anyone ever takes it down they will know he built the stairs (I guess?)!!! He is so funny!
He also finished the fireplace, I was so glad to see that done! I was still painting, and had to hurry because carpet finally came at the end of August!

Grandpa Finch

About a week after we returned home from Hawaii Tyson’s Grandpa Finch went back into the hospital. He had been suffering with fluid on his lungs longer than I have known him. It is a disease that is difficult and painful.  We were able to be there when he went home to our Heavenly Father.  We were sad, but I was relieved to know that he wasn’t in pain anymore.
One thing that has intrigued me about the passing of Clayson and Grandpa, is Isaac's understanding and desire to understand what is going on.  He has expressed so much love for his uncle and grandpa and misses them terribly, but he has such a pure understanding about where they are and what they are doing.  He talks about them often and his comments take my breath away. I am so grateful for his sweet  and pure spirit that gives me so much understanding and clarity.



I love these pictures of Tyson and Grandma Finch. I didn’t see a resemblance between them until I took these. I love the face they are giving to the kids, that is Tyson’s  “don’t make me tell you again” face. I now know where he got it!  I also love the one of them smiling at the camera, it’s so cute! Tyson sure does love his grandma!



All Tyson’s family came back into town and we had fun telling stories again and having a good time!  It can get a little wild and crazy! We have a clip of story time here.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


At the end of July we finally took our trip to Hawaii. Mom and Jim had gotten tickets almost a year before and it was a long wait! We went to Kona, on the big Island because Mom and Jim love to scuba dive there. Tyson, Allen, Nathan, Branson and I took scuba lessons before we went. I learned that I am a nose breather and it made going under water with a mask on really difficult!  Of course, Tyson is a fish and the top of our day I will do something better than him!

This was my second trip ever on an airplane, I don't get out much! It was a lot of fun to fly over the islands and then get out of the plane at this tiny little air port.
We stayed at mom and Jim's time share. It was really nice and right across the street from the water. It was so pretty. I loved the color of all the wonderful flowers.  

Our first dive was next to the City of the Kings. It was exciting but I was so nervous, and breathing so fast, I went through my air like crazy! After that we went to look at the Kings City. It was really pretty. We all took pictures of our beautiful whiteness on the rock that the King sat on to look across the ocean. 

The next day we went on another dive. This one wasn't as good, but we went further down and it was good practice. The next dive we went on (no pictures) was off the boat harbor. When we got there a couple told the guys that if the scrunched a bottle under water next to the buoy, tiger sharks would come up to us. I wasn't paying attention to what was going on, I was just trying to get my stuff ready to make the walk to the water with really heavy equipment. We started swimming out and it was so pretty, all the fish and corral were so colorful, but we kept swimming and swimming out to the buoy and finally decided to go under. When we got under water I noticed that we were past the corral and out to the blank sand and it was a long drop! We kept going down and my mind I was freaking out! I reached the bottom and my computer read 95 feet, but Jim's read 110 feet! (His is more accurate) I was thinking " What the heck are we doing down here!?!" Nathan started scrunching a bottle and I was clueless as to what was going on. I only cared about the fact that my air was going fast!We decided nothing was going to show up and started back up to the top. If you know anything about scuba, you are not supposed to ascend fast. I was following Allen and Nate when they went up. I sat there forever thinking "wow they went up fast!" Then mom and Tyson came along and wanted me to slow down because I was slowly going up. I got to the top, then mom and Tyson came up. Tyson's nose was bleeding everywhere(he has bad sinuses for scuba). I didn't know why at the time, but he and the boys started racing for the shore.
I didn't realize what exactly we were looking for until we got back home and shark week was on. They were talking about tiger sharks and I was horrified to see a ten foot shark! These are the thoughts that went racing through my head. "I thought we would be seeing something small!" "Who takes new divers (especially me) down 110 feet to see that!!" "No wonder Tyson and the boys went racing for the shore when he had a really bad bloody nose, and left me and Jim behind!!!!" Yes, next time I go scuba diving with a bunch of nuts, I will be sure to get a full report of what we are doing FIRST!!!  

I guess we weren't done adventuring. We went up to the top of the island and found a rain forest to walk through. At the end of our hike there was a really pretty water fall. Mom and Jim have done this stuff so much I guess they know all the good adventuring spots!

After the water falls we went all the way up to the top of the island were the road ends. I guess this is were they filmed some of the Jurassic Park movies. It was really pretty!

The next day we decided to go see a black sand beach. Most of the well known black sand beaches are on the other side of the Big Island, but if you are mom and Jim you know of the one next to Kona! All you do is go down to the National Park by the Air port and take your nice rental cars over the old black bumpy lava for a long time, once you get to the little sign that says "4 wheel drive only" park the small car and pile 8 people into the Jeep (some might have to sit on the hood, but don't put the guys that are 6'4" up there or they might dent it!). Then drive over the really bumpy lava until everyone is sick and has hit their heads on the ceiling of the Jeep. Then they will decide to get out of the Jeep and walk over the nice lava! Next, look for the road marked with the nice coral rocks taking you down to the beach. Vala, you are there!
Wow, that was an adventure, but well worth it! We had the whole beach to ourselves ( maybe because we were the only family nuts enough to go out there!) It was amazing some Tyson, Jim, Mom, Allen and Nathan went snorkeling. Caitlyn and I had fun dinging through the lave rocks that meet the ocean to look for shells. the rocks caught a lot of shells and if you were willing to look you could find a lot of really neat ones!

We did a lot more while we were in Hawaii. I think all together we went scuba diving five times. We went to the other side of the Island and saw the most beautiful Kings Valley. I guess you typically are not allowed to go in, but the nice park guy let us in! We discovered that Jeeps can do a lot, like going up and down really steep roads with 8 people piled into them!
We met the mom and family of Tyson's half brother Greg and saw how to live completely off the grid! They were really nice and took us to the lava flow. Jim was disappointed we didn't get to go right up to the lava, but I guess the park and recreation people started getting really strict when quite a few people had fallen in the month before. I was fine with seeing it from a distance! We could see the lava flowing down to the ocean and exploding when it fell in, it was amazing!
We had wonderful pancakes at the local pancake house, they had the most amazing syrups like mango, papaya, guava and coconut. I loved the coconut so much, I asked the lady if I could buy some, she laughed and said "nope!". My mom said it was because they had to kill a lot of coconuts to make that syrup!
At the end of our adventuring days it was nice to just hang out around the pool. I loved the pool!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

July and back to work!

July was all about getting back to work for us. Tyson went back to work, we moved into my moms house, Ethan started potty training and everything was packed and put into storage at our old place.
A few weeks after we put the carpet in the old place we started showing it again. In the first week we had two people really interested in buying it. After several years of trying to sell off and on, we finally had it under contract!
We didn't make anything from selling it, but I am so grateful we didn't lose anymore than we did, especially at the worst time to sell. We are grateful our prayers were answered and in his mercy, Heavenly Father blessed everything to happen when it needed to happen. We will always love Pemberley, the ward and people taught us so much. I feel like we were meant to have some wonderful people come into our lives and be the examples we needed. I will always cherish the time spent there!

We started painting the new house in July, it was a lot of work! Tyson again decided to learn a new skill. The problem with that is...if he learns a skill, I will probably have to learn it too! He sprayed the walls with paint and I did the ceilings (with some help.....thanks Alan, Mama Vickie, Jeanette and anyone else that helped!)

My Birthday

We had a pick nick at the park that Branson takes care of for me and Grandma Vickie. It was so pretty and the kids loved the little stream. Isaac and Ethan are such adventurers, these pictures are the epitome of their summer. Tan skin, read cheeks, sticks to explore with and water. It doesn't get better than that when you are a little boy!

That morning some of our friends from Pemberley took us to Maceys to get ice cream cones! I love the pictures of Isaac and Lexie holding hands, he was telling her his grand stories and she was saying "Oh, wow!" and 'Uh ha!" to everything he said! Isaac loves a good audience!
We miss these friends so much, we spent most mornings with them in the summer.
We love you Pemberley friends!

In June we also went to Tyson's dad's house. You can only imagine what happens when you have a long slide, water and boys! I think my heart stopped a few times!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Lake

We went to Deer Creek to just hang out. I think that is all we did in June, time stopped and we had fun with family. 


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 In June for my birthday we went camping at the Gravel Pits, the camp site up by Tyson's Grandpas. Everyone was still in town and it was a lot of fun to get to hang out and relax after a hard month. I wish we could all get together more!

Monday, October 5, 2009

A long Summer.....

It has been a long summer in my family, maybe more like a long year! But this past summer I haven't blogged anything so I thought I would sit down and put down a few of my memories before they slip away.
The day after my last post I was watching the carpet guys lay the carpet in our town home, when I got a call from Kiersten saying Tyson's brother Clayson had past away.
Those few weeks after were an emotional roller coaster, but the time spent together as a family and memories shared were priceless. I'm so glad for the good times and videos that were made that helped ease the pain. Clayson was a lot of fun, and we miss him.




Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary Honey!!!

The 30th of May was our 6th wedding anniversary! I can't believe I have been married to this wonderful man for six years! A lot has happened in that time and it seems to have gone by so fast, but at the same time I can't imagine what life would be like without him. He is the love of my life, and my best friend.....I love you Tyson!!!

Coming out of the Temple....I think he was a little shocked to be married!

I loved my wedding, I had a blast! We made everyone dance!

Yep, he was still in shock!

I think the dang best men forgot their tuxes were rented!

More dancing....nothing like doing the electric slide in a wedding dress!

Shake those booties!! Hayyyyy Maccaraina!!!!

This one wins the award for strangest picture of the night!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Owens Birthday

In April we celebrated Owens birthday (Rachel's little boy...I'm his favorite!). We also had a little Easter Egg Hunt and a Family get together. This is Owen on his new bike, all the boys were impressed!

Rachel's sweet friend Sarah came over to play and distracted Rachel while I got a few pictures. This was a week and a half before she had the twins...Isn't her baby bump cute!!

All the chaos in my family!! It's fun! Love you Heather! Good luck in DC!

Look at those sweet little boys! Oh...and Brady!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Every year Grandma and Grandpa Hatch get baby Chicks and Lambs to put on their property. Isaac and Ethan love to play with animals when they are little and feed them once they get out side. I think the only animal they don't like is the goats Grandpa gets to feed the lambs, they can be mean!
On this day Tyson's sister Tasha her husband Doug and their little boy Stetson were at Grandmas house. We love it when they come out to play!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Molly Baby Shower

We had a baby shower for Molly a month ago. (I'm so behind!) It was a lot of fun! I did the decorations and some food and all the wonderful girls in my ward helped with everything else.

Some of the sweet babies that came! Little Stirling with the red hair...isn't he cute! The twins have their backs to the camera, they are Isaac's age. Isaac has always had a crush on one of them! Little Lexy and Emerson; I love all these babies!

The shower was a lot of fun! I am so excited to be close to Tyson's work, but I'm not looking forward to moving away from these wonderful ladies :(
Thank you Lisa, Lindsy, Amber and Brenda for all your help!

Congratulations Nik and Molly on your little one!