Sunday, December 1, 2013

July 2012

Jeremiah got his Eagle in July. It was a lot of fun to see so much family and hang out. Congratulations Jer!
Another great year at the Hatch Family Reunion! It was so nice to have the girls walking and able to get around......except for the fact that Alayna broke her leg a few days before! She was playing in the boys room, and fell down the bunk bed ladder. On the x-ray you can see were the board pushed into her bone, I was so sad to see my little girl in pain. We had to wait for her swelling to go down that weekend so that we could go get a cast put on the next Monday. We spent the whole weekend trying to keep Alayna out of the dirt. We finally had to put bags on her splint and just let her go get dirty...she is such an outdoors kind of girl!

We love the Finch Reunion and being able to see all the family every year. It is like a whole bunch of little reunions in a large one. On Saturday we all come together to ply games and have a lot of fun!

On the last night of the reunion we had a glowing parade. All the kids were giving glow sticks to make costumes, than we walked around the campground to show them off! 
We had a family pick-nick out at Daybreak when Aunt Mary was in town. Caitlyn was almost ready to have Noah and Alayna finally had her boot on (our pediatrition decided he wanted a boot on Alayna). The upper picture was Alayna right before she went in to have her mole removed off her face, it was abnormal and so we had to take it off.  Poor girl, she had a lot going on with the doctors this month.

The kids loved fishing with Grandpa Berg!

Taking pictures with Laurie, Mary, Whitney and Heather! Taking pictures on the way back home. Grandpa gave us a new bird.

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