Sunday, December 22, 2013

August 2012

Caitlyn had her baby! His name is Noah Chandler Shelby, he was born on 8/8 and he was 8 lbs! She had him with out medication and did such a wonderful job! Having had Isaac without medication, I was getting a little antsy! I love seeing all these new babies coning into our extended family and cant wait to see more! 

I was called late at night to come down and see this cute boy be born. I am so glad I had that opportunity, he is such a sweet little man! 

A few weeks later Grandma Evelyn and Aunt Lori came into town and we had a lot of fun at the park! 

Back to school! Isaac was in Mrs Cinious Class and Ethan was in Miss Brooks class. This was Ethan's first day of Kindergarten! 

Grandma Evelyn brought her dress her mother made for her and that she has had all the granddaughters, and now great granddaughters take pictures in.  Olivia loved that photo shoot! 

Alayna was not quite sure about taking pictures! 

Olivia and Alayna found their dress ups and put as many of them on as they could! 

We had a fun impromptu dancing show!  

It is fun to see the best of friends my girls have become! I always find the most interesting pictures on my camera!

Such a handsome man! 

I went across the street and helped my friend Marie make a Batman cake for her son Carters birthday. It was a lot of fun to hang out and then to later have a fun party! 

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